Bonyos Kenya Mission: HOVIC Center Kisumu Kenya 9

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This is one of the boys who lives at the HOVIC Center, a shelter for homeless children who have been kicked out, run away or are orphaned. He is singing a Gospel song. All of the boys there have had a terrible existance before the HOVIC Center took them in. Their lives are still rough, but at least they now have a chance. They all were very nice, polite and loving. 12/2010 Mama Pilista Bonyo Memorial Health Centre: This past two weeks we cared for over 2000 patients and celebrated with the locals, our translators and medical staff for a successful past 15 years and a brighter future!! We also had took time to visit a local homeless shelter for young men and a few young girls. This is a UK based charity which works with the children to reorient them back with their families, provide them with schooling, a safe sleeping place, meals and vocational training. Bonyos Kenya Mission is working to help this organization with medical care for these children. Please help us continue by supporting our mission at www.BonyosKenyaMission.org

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